Recently, in my spare time I’ve been working on launching my side business, Muckender. (And yes, that’s meant putting the trivia app on hold). For the past few years, I’ve designed shirts for my kids’ school and after a couple of other people asked me to design shirts for them, the idea sort of clicked. The […]

building a trivia app – continuation

This is a continuation of my post series on Building a Trivia App. In the previous post, I talked about: Database design Getting a simple API going to build a proof of concept A very brief mention of possible game design (pyramid style) Getting started with React Native Despite wanting to create a fairly simple app, there […]


Just a quick note about using the $_ C-shell short-cut (available in Bash and ZSH!). Firstly, if you’re not aware, here’s the man page entry on it: $_ Substitutes the command line of the last command executed. In other words, it takes the last argument from the last command you entered, and substitutes it in. […]