maximize/minimize gets added to refined-github

2018 Update: Github has since incorporated minimize/maximize functionality into their site code, so maximize/minimize is no longer needed. Mission accomplished, I suppose.

Originally published March 9, 2016

If you use Github on a regular basis, you may have noticed how really large pull requests can quickly get out of hand. For this specific reason, I created a little (unpublished) Chrome plugin a while ago to add the ability to maximize/minimize diff blocks in the Github pull request file change page (see below).

Then the other day, I happened across the (published) Refined Github Chrome extension, which is a similar collection of modifications to Github in a Chrome, so I decided to ask them whether they’d like my feature added in. As it turns out, they did! So after an hour of actual coding and changing the jQuery-dependent code over to use the much lighter Sprint.js, the change finally got green-lighted. A little back and forth with some great suggestions and now the feature is officially added in.

Here is the feature in action:

Maximize/Minimize for Github Pull Requests

The only difference between when I made this gif and now is that the plugin features a zoom-in/zoom-out cursor when hovering over the block header box where you can individually min/max.

Next, I’ll make it so the same functionality works in other diff blocks.