xcode right key disabled

I just wanted to make a quick note for anyone else that might have this very strange behavior when messing around in XCode. I was messing with making an iOS app and found that I couldn’t use the right key while editing code; it would just beep at me.

After searching for a solution and finding nothing, I decided to look for the obvious — some unmapped key sequence and, as it turns out, I was right to look for it.

If you go to XCode’s preferences under XCode > Preferences. Then go to Key Bindings and do a search for “move right.”


Once you see the “Move Right (Selection)” command come up, click on the corresponding “Key” column and press the “right” key on your keyboard to set the mapping. Once that’s done, click elsewhere to exit the keymap text input. Close preferences, and that’s it.

I’ll admit, I’ve dealt with this for a few hours. Hopefully you won’t have to.