a follow-up on t-mobile (review, part 2)

This is a follow-up to my post about switching to T-Mobile. This won’t take long.

A month later, I’m still stoked about some of the features of T-Mobile (mobile tethering, free Netflix, their responsive customer service). However, realistically, their network is just not as good as AT&T’s in my area. This has been proven through repeated phone calls where things get choppy or robotic or just plain cut out/drop. I will say, however, that we had similar issues with AT&T in one spot in our house.

Realistically, this could just be that we live in a hilly area that T-Mobile’s cell towers are essentially “dark” for. However, my in-laws live in the flatter part of Anaheim Hills and I had to order a booster for their house to get their calls to be consistent throughout their house. I’m thinking of doing the same thing for my house. Given that our Time Warner Internet is spotty at times, I’m not able to use the WiFi calling feature of the phone; if I had Google Fiber (or any Fiber, for that matter), WiFi would be a viable option. For now, it’s not.

Making calls while I’m out and about has been generally fine. Nothing noticeably different from my experience with AT&T.

As for mobile tethering, my wife has been using this more than me actually; she was pretty happy with it! It’s been a life-saver on a couple of occasions. We also have an upcoming trip where I plan to use tethering. I’ll be sure to use the TripMode app┬áto make sure I don’t go over on my data (looking at you, Vagrant provision).

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with T-Mobile. I have a feeling we’d be getting higher speeds and better coverage with AT&T and Verizon, but we’d also be paying significantly more. And I’ve read that T-Mobile is in the process of using the in-rush of revenue from new customers to expand their network. Fingers crossed.

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