reword commit message in git

Every once in a while, I’ll make a mistake in my Git commit message and will need to go back and fix it. You would think rewording your message would be more intuitive, but nay. Assuming your most recent commit was the problem (otherwise you would change the number to indicate how far back the […]

maximize/minimize gets added to refined-github

If you use Github on a regular basis, you may have noticed how really large pull requests can quickly get out of hand. For this specific reason, I created a little (unpublished) Chrome plugin a while ago to add the ability to maximize/minimize diff blocks in the Github pull request file change page (see below). […]


I felt like making a domain search tool for myself, so I did. I figured someone might get some use out of it as well. Also, I really like the domain — (pronounced doe-mango). It might seem slow at first, but it’s looking up a lot of information on each domain. Update: I have […]

os x: set file self destruct based on tag

If there’s one thing I dislike, it’s clutter. Once in a while, I like to do a purge of my downloaded files and things on my Desktop. What I kept finding, however, is that I was unsure about whether I needed certain files after even just a few weeks. This would lead to me putting […]

xcode right key disabled

I just wanted to make a quick note for anyone else that might have this very strange behavior when messing around in XCode. I was messing with making an iOS app and found that I couldn’t use the right key while editing code; it would just beep at me. After searching for a solution and […]