i am replacing evernote with vim + markdown

Back at the beginning of March, I was discussing Vim with a couple of friends and realized I’d stopped pushing myself with it. I read around and apparently this is a known thing — people dabble in Vim, but get to a certain level and just sort of stop learning but still internally consider themselves […]

os x: set file self destruct based on tag

If there’s one thing I dislike, it’s clutter. Once in a while, I like to do a purge of my downloaded files and things on my Desktop. What I kept finding, however, is that I was unsure about whether I needed certain files after even just a few weeks. This would lead to me putting […]

little things

One of my favorite parts of any work day is the end. I close down my apps one by one, tying up the loose ends for each, clean off my computer’s Desktop and call it a night.

suddenly, minimalism

Freed up about 50GB on my Mac’s SSD Cleaned Desktop completely Cleaned out applications I’m not using Cleaned/organized Downloads & Documents folders Cleared about 6GB of space on my iPhone Synced photos to my Mac on iPhoto & deleted them on the phone Deleted applications I’m not using Moved less-often-used application icons off the main […]

update from june to august

I haven’t updated in a while, so I thought I’d post a short list of anything I deem noteworthy from the past two months. I just cleaned out my closet a bit — mostly a bunch of shirts I never wear. It was enough to fill a plastic bin, so that feels pretty good. My […]